AAAA+ OG (Hybrid) 14G

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An indica-hybrid strain boasting effects of a relax, happy, euphoric, uplifting and sleepy. Medical attributes include treatment for depression, pain, stress, fatigue and lack of appetite.

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OG also called OG Kush is an indica-hybrid strain that is probably most recognized and known strain in the world.  The strain itself is used in many other strains and has become a staple in the industry. OG provides a complex aroma with the smell of fuel, skunk and sometimes spice. These buds are dense dark forest green spade-shaped nugs with furry orange hairs all around. OG is definitely one of the dank buds consumer will enjoy as it delivers an emerging warm fuzzy sensation starting from the top of head to bottom of feet. This body high leaves you pain free and at ease while slowly uplifting the mind to euphoria.

THC Levels: 20%- 25%
Quality Grade: AAAA+

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2 reviews for AAAA+ OG (Hybrid) 14G

  1. l234y78

    “this strain is very potent. and is good for stress, anxiety, depression, relaxation, pain and sleep. NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART! but it is amazing. whole body feels relaxed when laying or sitting down on your own, very giggly and trippy when with friends. it even had me hallucinating!

  2. Rebeccalouise

    “strong scented and amazing. I feel very good on this strain. I have quite severe depression and this is a good one for me”

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