AAAA+ Master Kush (Indica) 14G

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An indica strain boasting effects of a sleepy, relaxed, focused, happy and hungry high. Medical attributes include treatment for stres, pain, stress, insomnia, muscle spasms.

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Master Kush is a potent indica strain that produces a subtle earthly yet citrus smell. The taste is similar to old school charas hash, one would say is a throwback. It is one of the most recognized strains in the world as it hold trophies and rewards under its belt. You can’t go wrong with this cannabis, it is a favourite and popular strain that speaks out its heritage of Hindi Kush and Pure Skunk. This heavy hitting strain delivers a balance of full body relaxation without numbing the mind effect most indica strains produce. It also brings out more of your sensory awareness, perfect to get most out of any activity.

THC Levels: 21% – 26%
Quality Grade: AAAA+

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2 reviews for AAAA+ Master Kush (Indica) 14G

  1. canadab

    “Very potent, great for stress, insomnia and anxiety. It’s one of my preferred indica strains. Beautiful nighttime use and aroma in the air!”

  2. Tkadz

    “Very heavy indica. Your eyes will relax and close a little bit. This makes it easy to just relax and do whatever, or sleep if thats what you want to do”

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