AAAA+ Northen Lights (Indica) 14G


An indica strain boasting effects of a sleepy, relaxed, focused, happy and hungry high. Medical attributes include treatment for stres, pain, stress, insomnia, muscle spasms.

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Northern light is a heavy packed indica strain that will completely indulge the body will calm and peacefulness. Expect to be couched locked after taking couple tokes of this pure indica strain. The parent of this plant is Afghani and Thai landrace strains. The scent is pungently sweet yet earthy and piney with spicy aromas surrounding the beautiful crystal-coated dense buds. This strain is perfect for relaxing muscles and entering the mind into dreamy euphoria. Northern light can make you feel lazy, sedated and sleepy. It is recommended to smoke this dank bud during the night or when the sun is down.


THC Levels: 19% – 24%
Quality Grade: AAAA+

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